Upcoming Races


Tri Waco

Waco, Texas 

July 10th


Rose City Tri

Tyler, Texas

Sept. 11th 


Fort Worth Tri

Fort Worth, Texas

Oct. 2nd

You must sign up on the google sheet if you are traveling with the team. Contact Kaitlin Bowman to get the collegiate discount sign up information. 

Race Day

Make sure you have:

  • Paid Team Membership Dues (Can upgrade from practice)

  • Must inform Race Coordinator, Officer Audrey Janke, for travel accommodations with the team

  • If you don't inform the Race Coordinator that you can not race or won't be traveling with the team at least 4 days before departure, a $20 fee will be charged before you can practice, travel with the team, or collect any team equipment/apparel order. (Extenuating circumstances may apply.)


When in doubt, let an officer know