Practice Schedule

ride monday.PNG

Monday Ride
5:30 PM 


Tuesday Run
6:00 PM 
Rec Center

Check slack for any time or location changes as well as unofficial practices!


Saturday Long Ride
8:00 AM 
Central Park


Sunday Long Run
Meet up info in slack 


Wednesday Swim
8:00 PM 
Rec Center


Thursday Ride
7:00 AM 


Thursday Swim
7:30 PM 
Rec Center


Friday Lake Bryan Run/Swim 4:00 PM 
Meet up @ Rec Center


 Before coming to practice, use the link to fill out an AOR form (it's free!) 

As a member, practice participation is not required and completely voluntary. It is strongly encouraged that members come to become a part of the TAMU Triathlon community and make red ass friends.


Note that due to the time change, some practice times have been moved up to accommodate lack of daylight. 

Fall 2021 Meetings

Next Meeting: Nov. 22nd 

8 pm

Location: Rec 281

Meetings are every other week on Mondays at 8 pm. 

Bike Routes

This route is about 20-22 miles from flagpole.

This route is about 27-30 miles from flagpole.

This route is about 32-33 miles from central park

This route is about 15-17 miles from penberthy